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Cleaning, Lubrication and Maintenance


Routine maintenance is essential to keeping your Model XL7 firearm in top condition for years to come.

How to Clean Your Rifle

  • WARNING: Before cleaning your rifle, be certain it is completely unloaded and the bolt has been removed.
  • WARNING: Never attempt to wipe down or clean a loaded firearm. Follow instructions under "How to Unload" before cleaning.

With the rifle unloaded and pointed in a safe direction, open the bolt and put the safety in the SAFE position (See A in Operating the Firearm). To remove the bolt, lift the bolt handle and slowly pull the bolt back, while depressing the bolt-release latch with your other hand (See G).

With the bolt removed, clean the bore from the breech (chamber) end, using the proper caliber cleaning rod, cleaning patches and powder solvent. Clean and oil the breech bolt and other exposed metal surfaces.

Caution: Before using any solvent or other gun cleaning product, read the label carefully to be sure it will not damage either the finish or any parts of this firearm.

To remove the barreled action from the stock, first remove the bolt, as described above. Turn the rifle upside down and remove the rear takedown screw and the front takedown screw (See H), in that order. Screw heads are either slotted, as shown, or have a 9/64 Allen head.

xl 7 pic h.PNG


Separate the barreled action from the stock. When separating, note proper magazine spring placement in stock inletting (See I). Clean and oil exposed metal surfaces, and put a small amount of gun grease on the cocking cam surface (See J). (Further disassembly is not recommended.) (Do not attempt to disassemble the bolt. Firing pin assembly is under strong spring load and can be dangerous.)


Reassemble the rifle by placing the barreled action back into the stock aligning the magazine spring with the stock inletting notch to ensure proper functioning (See I). Replace the two screws; the front takedown screw followed by the rear takedown screw. Be sure the screws are tightened securely when reassembling, or accuracy will be adversely affected, and damage to the rifle may result when firing.


To reinstall the bolt, line up the locking lugs with the recesses at the rear of the receiver and push the bolt forward. (If bolt sleeve/cocking piece are out of location, do not force. Consult a gunsmith or call Marlin Gun Service Dept.)


Note: Use a very thin coat of light oil during below freezing conditions. Condensation droplets will form soon after the rifle is brought into a warm room, or the rifle may become wet during inclement weather. In any case, all moisture should be removed. Exterior metal finishes may be wiped down with a slightly oiled cloth. For long term storage, lightly oil the bore, barrel and action with gun oil. Your rifle should be completely unloaded and stored in a dry, ventilated area. Do not store it in a carrying case.

xl7 pic i.PNG  

xl7 pic j.PNG

Pro-Fire Adjustable Trigger

The XL7 bolt action rifle is equipped with Marlin's custom-designed Pro-Fire adjustable trigger system. With safety as our primary concern, the Pro-Fire design requires the user to place their finger squarely over the trigger release (See K). Pulling the trigger from the side or not directly rearward may not disengage the trigger release and not allow the trigger to move.

Trigger Pull Adjustment

  • WARNING: The XL7 bolt action rifle has a specially designed adjustable trigger. The trigger pull on this firearm has been preset at the factory for field and hunting use. Rifles with trigger pull settings lower than set at the factory are considered target firearms used only for precision shooting under firing range or bench firing conditions. It is the sole responsibility of the user to exercise extreme caution while adjusting and using these firearms. Marlin Firearms accepts no responsibility or liability for any direct and/or consequential damage and/or injury resulting from the misuse, lack of maintenance adjustment, and/or mishandling of a firearm.
  • WARNING: Safe ownership and use of this firearm is solely your responsibility. Before adjusting the trigger pull, please thoroughly read and understand the instruction manula in its entirety.
  • WARNING: Make sure the bolt is open and the firearm is unloaded before removing the stock and adjusting the trigger.
  1. Remove the stock (see section "How to Clean Your Rifle" for instruction).
  2. Loosen, but do not remove, the jam nut (See K) using a 3/8" open end wrench (not included).

xl7 pic k.PNG


  1. Insert a 3/32" hex key wrench into adjusting screw as shown (hex key wrench not included). To increase the trigger pull, turn the hex key wrench clockwise. To decrease the trigger pull, turn the hex key wrench counter-clockwise (See L and M).

Note: If the trigger pull is increased too much, the trigger cannot be pulled. Turn the adjusting screw counter-clockwise until the trigger can be pulled.

  1. After adjusting pull weight tighten the jam nut.
  2. FOLLOWING ADJUSTMENT, WITH NO AMMUNITION IN THE FIREARM AND THE MUZZLE POINTING IN A SAFE DIRECTION, close the bolt and verify that the "TWO POSITION SAFETY" is fully operational as explained in the section "How to Operate the Safety". (You can check adjusted trigger pull weight by using a trigger pull gauge.)

Note: Be sure that you are comfortable with the force that is necessary to pull the trigger. If not, follow the instructions carefully to readjust the trigger for the conditions under which you will use this rifle.

Note: Marlin recommends the trigger pull, as adjusted at the factory (3 pounds +), for field/hunting use. Reduced trigger pulls should only be set for precision/target shooting.

Note: At no time should you tamper with the trigger release or trigger release spring.

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