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How can I return a firearm to the factory for service?

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We can no longer service some discontinued and older models. Models 336 and 39A's that are more than 50 years old and semi auto 22's more than 30 years old cannot be serviced by Marlin. Please call the Marlin Service Department (800-544-8892) with the model and serial number of your firearm if you have any question regarding serviceability.

Repairs Services

To provide enhanced repair and return service, we are now requiring that consumers contact our customer service team at: 800-544-8892 to obtain a Service Request Number (SRN) prior to shipping any product to the Company or Authorized Service Center. This will allow for improved tracking of returns and ensure all consumers benefit from a faster and more reliable process.

No return will be accepted without an SRN on the shipping label. Packages sent without the required SRN will not be accepted and marked Return to Sender.

If shipment of your firearm is required please follow instructions below:

  • Record the serial number of your firearm before shipping.
  • Pack your firearm for safety and to prevent further damage in shipping and handling. Preferably, ship in a firearm box.
  • Clearly mark your return address on the outside of the box and your accompanying letter.
  • Remove all accessories from the firearm to prevent loss or damage.
  • Enclose a letter with the firearm detailing the model name or number of the firearm and serial number along with a full description of the problem. Be sure to include your name and address (P.O. Box and Street Address), including zip code, daytime telephone number and e-mail address.
  • Ship your firearm by either United Parcel Service (UPS) or Parcel Post (US Post Office); Marlin firearms is not responsible for damage or loss during shipment, so you may elect to purchase insurance from the carrier.

Canadian Repairs:
  The Gravel Agency
  1530 Provinciale Street
  Quebec, Qc, G1N 4A2
  Phone #: 866-662-4869
  Fax #: 4186823343

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