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Can I get any reloading information about Marlin firearms?

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Marlin guns are designed and manufactured to handle standard factory-loaded ammunition with dependability and safety. Due to the many bullet and load options available, the element of judgment involved, the skill required, and the fact that serious injuries have resulted from dangerous hand loads, Marlin does not make any recommendations with regard to hand loaded ammunition.


General information concerning reloading may be obtained from the National Rifle Association through their online store at

Reloading manuals and recipes are available through the following companies:

Alliant Powder-- (800) 276-9337
IMR Powder-- (518) 563-2253
Accurate Powder-- (800) 416-3006
Hodgdon Powder-- (800) 622-4366

Nosler Bullets-- (800) 285-3701
Sierra Bullets-- (800) 223-8799
Hornady Bullets-- (800) 338-3220

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